Invest Locally in Twin Rivers Winery

Twin Rivers Winery and Gourmet Shoppe announced a new business concept at 627 Commercial Street in downtown Emporia, Kansas. The winery will represent the first production winery in Lyon County since prior to prohibition. Principal owners, Becky Smith and Justin Ogleby have worked on the winery and gourmet shoppe concept for more than a year. Twin Rivers will contain a production winery, gourmet food, kitchen gadgets, bulk spices, wine making and beer making supplies and assorted kitchen decor. Owner Becky Smith stated: “We understand that people currently travel out-of-town for certain items, and our local grocers can’t carry everything. By providing unique specialty items, we can keep people in town shopping at our wonderful local grocery stores for staple items and Twin Rivers for gourmet food to enhance their dining experience. We can retain shoppers in our local area and act as a destination”.

Winemaker Justin Ogleby has produced wine for several years and has helped create a local vineyard. Justin stated “Kansas and Missouri were once two of the top wine producing states in the nation. We are excited to bring a variety of high quality wines to the market in 2016 and 2017. We will produce French-American Hybrid varietals and meads that compliment local food and local tastes.” A recent economic survey indicated that the Emporia Trade Market Area was at 66 percent of market capacity for wine, compared to 98 percent for liquor and 102 percent for beer, which indicates a market demand for high quality wine in the immediate area.

Becky and Justin plan to utilize all three floors of the 627 Commercial building in downtown Emporia. The basement will serve as a production facility for wine and mead. The first floor will contain a retail operation and tasting room.  The upper story will serve as a rental facility for organizational meetings, wedding receptions, birthdays, business meetings and more. Main Street Director, Casey Woods indicated “This is another fantastic example of a destination business locating in downtown Emporia. The owners will meet a defined market need, have a proven track record of working with other area businesses and a solid history of giving back to the community. They will serve as a community draw while giving us another tool to pull travelers into downtown Emporia.”

The owners of Twin Rivers Winery and Gourmet Shoppe plan to highlight local food and locally produced items whenever possible. Beyond incorporating a localized “farm to table” concept, they also want to provide the opportunity for local investors to involve themselves in the formation of Twin Rivers through the utilization of the Invest Kansas Exemption within the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. Members of a “Black Cat Club” (named after an alleged speak easy that was accessed through the basement of the current Twin Rivers facility) can invest $5,000 in the Twin Rivers concept and receive interest payments in the form of gift certificates, rental discounts and other event considerations over a seven year period, with the principal payback occurring after the conclusion of seven years. All investments contain risk that may lose part or all of the investor’s principal. Potential investors must reside in Kansas, and may contact the owners of Twin Rivers Winery and Gourmet Shoppe for additional details.

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