Join the Black Cat Club

Twin Rivers Winery and Gourmet Shoppe is the newest destination business in Emporia. Located at 627 Commercial Street in downtown Emporia, Kansas, the winery will represent the first production winery in Lyon County since prior to prohibition. Twin Rivers contains a production winery, gourmet food, kitchen gadgets, bulk spices, wine making and beer making supplies and assorted kitchen decor.

We understand that people currently travel out-of-town for certain items, and our local grocers can’t carry everything. By providing unique specialty items, we can keep people in town shopping at our wonderful local grocery stores for staple items and Twin Rivers for gourmet food to enhance their dining experience. We can retain shoppers in our local area and act as a destination. You can become part of the business!

By investing in Twin Rivers Winery and Gourmet Shoppe, you are investing in the community. Your money would go to creating a unique business in Emporia that will make the town more vibrant to residents and to visitors. By becoming a member of the Black Cat Club, named after the alleged speakeasy that was accessed through the basement, you can invest in the urban winery and gourmet shoppe and receive interest payments in the from of gift certificates, rental discounts and other event consideration over a seven year period. Your principal payback will occur after the conclusion of seven years.

If you are interested about investing in Emporia, learn more here.